Springboards Consulting

Why Springboards?


Over 90% of Springboards’ individual coaching clients advance professionally in under a year. And 100% demonstrate measurable return on behavior through the Springboards 7-Step Approach™. With timely opportunities to develop executive & professional communications, leadership, and cross cultural skills, Springboards’ clients: increase productivity, get promoted more quickly, better execute business development goals, and assume supervisory and leadership responsibilities sooner than same-level peers with similar needs who do not receive coaching.


Research has shown that employees at pivotal career transitions and in the very early stages of their careers are more engaged in the work and committed to growth at their current employer. Therefore, employers should seek to provide more immediate career development options soon after opportunities are identified. For multicultural individuals whose unique career needs center on professional communication, leadership, and cross cultural skills, individual coaching provides a well-designed learning situation wherein relevant business skills and behaviors can be coached and acquired quickly. With the support and collaboration of a coaching program sponsor (e.g. manager, mentor or adviser), the employer, and a specialized Springboards coach, employees can develop targeted career skills noticeably and quickly ahead of the next review cycle.

Employees whose development needs are NOT acted on in a timely fashion become less productive and disengaged over time, requiring continued support and often need more direction from their managers. Over time, this becomes resource-intensive and decreases employee morale, often resulting in turnover.


Springboards’ rapid assessment and coach matching process ensure clients seize the critical window of career opportunity – usually immediately following a formal review or self identified development need. We set goals, target specific performance objectives in connection to communications, culture and language where applicable, and leadership; we then measure against those goals with the 7-Step Approach™ throughout the program.