Springboards Consulting

Our Mission

Springboards Consulting was founded in 2008 in response to market needs to better diversify and differentiate learning & development solutions for multicultural workforces and their management teams, addressing key retention, engagement, and culture challenges.


Many of the standard development options—including English language-based (or “ESL”) programs, communications skills training, cross-cultural awareness and agility tools, and executive & leadership programs—were inadequate, in and of themselves, to comprehensively address the cultural-linguistic, executive & professional communication, AND communicative leadership needs characteristic of multicultural professional employees. Springboards meets all those needs in hybrid, blended coaching programs and through specialized coaches, ensuring all members of the workforce are included and have their development needs appropriately addressed.

Multicultural professional employees and their employers have come to value and significantly benefit from the career focused, professional approach that Springboards coaching brings. Over the years, Springboards has expanded its communications programs and its versatile team of career management and coaching experts to meet the needs of individuals at various stages of the career spectrum — whether native English speaking or English as a Second (or third or fourth!) Language. When all members of an organization participate in Springboards coaching programs, including multicultural individuals, native English speaking colleagues, and the management team, the playing field is level and all employees benefit equitably. Therefore, it is our mission to create and deliver coaching programs that:

  • Align with learning, career development, and flexible scheduling requirements of individual coaching clients

  • Advance the strategic recruitment, development, and retention goals of the employer through our programs

  • Support corporate diversity and inclusion goals tied to multicultural workforce initiatives

  • Work in close collaboration with management teams, learning, and HR for the most targeted programs

  • Guarantee clients the services of professional coaches with extensive field expertise and deep familiarity with executive communications, leadership, and cross cultural disciplines

  • Demonstrate and document measurable returns on investment


our Vision

It is our vision to rapidly advance every career through communications and cross cultural coaching.

Our Values

  • Our clients must be given the best possible service with every program. We will be responsive, honest, respectful, and efficient with client resources.

  • Our trainers and coaches must be committed to excellence. Springboards commits to a supportive and professional partnership with all members of its team.

  • Our service philosophy must be distinguished by stewardship, commitment to excellence, and mutual respect. Our business ethics must be informed by our personal values, principles, and convictions. Each member of the Springboards team is guided by individual values and principles, as included in their personal biography – supremely, all members are fully committed to the success of our customers.