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Learn how Springboards is MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR MULTICULTURAL WORKFORCES AT these companies…

“We chose Springboards because we liked their approach to assessment. In addition, a big win for our employees has been the targeted personal approach that each coach has taken with each employee. Managers of these employees have spontaneously said they've noticed improvement in written and spoken communication, as well as self-confidence. This allows employees to make a greater contribution to Shire, which in turn helps them further their careers here.”

Marianne Mortara
Talent Management
Shire Human Genetic Therapies

“Confidence in English and professional communication was critical for the success of one of our top employees. As a recently promoted manager and a core part of our team, we really wanted to make an investment where it counted the most. Before partnering with Springboards, this employee froze up in phone conversations with our stakeholders and struggled at internal meetings—we knew there was a language issue. By offering proper support and development, we could fully engage this employee with the skills to succeed.

Today, she is communicating in high stakes settings with full confidence. Her ability to engage and lead has magnified after only 4 months of coaching with Springboards. When she does well, it helps the whole workplace—morale is stronger, performance is better. By investing in the success of this employee, we were truly able to invest in ourselves.”

Chuck Wright
Director of Sourcing

"Springboards achieved real results with one of my key employees. Before their work, she was in danger of being eclipsed by other consultants from a variety of countries whose English writing was understandable and contained a manageable number of editing issues. In contrast, her writing needed multiple rounds of rework and editing to straighten out logic and remove layers of syntactical, grammatical, and spelling errors. This employee is brilliant – she got top grades and graduated with a Masters degree in Economics from one of the top universities in the US. However, her writing was not polished and showed she had learned bad habits. In about five months, Springboards was able to exceed my expectations with her written English by working with her on awareness and self-correction through personalized one-on-one coaching. Today, her written work reflects her underlying brilliance and creativity and has few and more easily correctable errors. As a result, her career potential at the firm has increased dramatically."

David Jacoby
Boston Strategies International

"After the training, my writing speed has improved significantly. I used to write a report in 5 days and now I can do it within 3 days. The training also improved my self-awareness during the writing and editing processes, therefore less editing is required for my writing work now."

Fei Rong
Senior Associate
Boston Strategies International

“I’m glad we started our writing training early in the year. When we lost our writer a few months after, I needed to figure out how to do many news write ups independently. The task was challenging at first, but our coaching helped me pull it off!”

Boston-area consulting firm

“My passion and excitement have become an asset, rather than a liability in my work and effectiveness as a result of these coaching sessions. I am very grateful to management for giving me the opportunities to learn invaluable communication skills. I strongly believe that these opportunities are great investments in my personal and professional growth and contributions to the Dallas office. I am very grateful to my trainer for her knowledge, professionalism, feedback, and sincere interest in my growth. I look forward to continuing to advance my communication skills through additional coaching and implementation in my daily work activities.”

Litigation Consulting

The Institute for Economic Development and the Department of Economics have been working with Springboards for the past year. Nadia and her staff of professionals are top notch. Nadia, Professor Mookherjee and myself developed a customized writing workshop that targeted our students needs. The writing workshop instructor Leslie was very good, she had great enthusiasm and is a skilled instructor. Leslie and Nadia gave excellent feedback to our students during the one on one sessions. This year we are expending our work with Nadia and her staff to include a presentation workshop to help our graduate students with conference presentations and panel interviews for PhD students on the job market.

We at the Institute for Economic Development are glad we chose Springboards to assist our students with customized career development workshops!

Eleanor Langdon
Administrative Manager
Institute for Economic Development


Learn how Springboards is partnering with these COACHING clients to strengthen professional presence and advance their careers…

“As an instructor to working professionals, clarity in communication is essential, and language is the most important tool I have in the classroom. Before I started working with Springboards, I felt that my verbal English lacked in variety. In addition to this, my written English was often unclear, verbose and illogical, which greatly impacted my e-mails to students. After just three months of coaching, I felt more confident—my vocabulary increased, language errors decreased, and my e-mails became evidently more polished.

I really admired the methodical approach. The coaching was tailored completely to my own work-based situations and communication needs; very relevant and hands on. Through the Webex sessions, it was accessible and very convenient for my busy lifestyle. Beyond this, my coach was professional, precise motivational, and flexible.

Overall, I now feel very positive communicating with clients and less worried about making errors or being unclear. This has a GREAT IMPACT on the first impression I make with clients. Springboards’ coaching helped me to deliver at a higher quality in my current work and to create more career opportunities in the future.

Dale Carnegie Trainer
Boston, MA

“In one consultative session only, I was able to learn pronunciation, body language, and persuasive writing strategies which will help me focus on refining my thoughts and fine tuning presentation skills for pitching stronger before VCs. The process was thorough and very professional, including language and professional communication help IN ADDITION to business insights useful to my particular situation. There were helpful preparatory notes beforehand, a systematized approach to the engagement, a well planned out consultation personalized to my needs, and a strong, fast follow up with additional resources to boot."

Rajeev Arora
Founder and CEO
Dreamsports International, LLC

"I found the Springboards coaching technique very methodical and effective. During the 12 sessions that my trainer coached me, she improved my confidence, interpersonal exchanges, and approach to professional communication engagements, such as networking, meetings, and self-advocacy. She was very detail-oriented and great on following up. I really enjoyed her style in regard to homework assignments, our discussion of the homework and role taking during our sessions. I would definitely recommend Springboards to colleagues and friends."

Laleh T. Varasteh, RPh, MSF
VP, Pharmacy and Clinical Services
Adheris, Inc.

"I was impressed with the professionalism that my Springboards trainer brought to the engagement. She helped me to be well prepared for the presentation with confidence, appropriate body language, focus my thought process to the particular issues I wanted to convey to my audience and even with the choice of words. Her fast follow-up process with additional comments and critique contributed significantly to the effectiveness of my presentation. I highly recommend Springboards to anyone who wants to fine tune their presentation skills."

Nila Rakhit
CPA and President

"I feel very lucky to have my personal trainer to prepare my interviews--she is patient, professional, and helpful and she can always identify the problems and provide advice and suggestions accordingly. I have enjoyed all sessions, which were well organized and targeted, reflecting thoughtfulness and creativity. I have learnt more about how to excel in interviews and have felt more confident to express myself. Thank you! I wish to have more coaching on other aspects of communication and personal development."

Bristol-Myers Squibb

"Springboards has helped me tremendously in improving my communication skills in the middle of my career transition. Both face-to-face and telephone training sessions has helped me to perfect my interview and presentation skills. Springboard trainers paid attention to all aspects of communication: my body language, demeanor and effective verbal delivery during face-to-face interviews, as well as verbal communication during telephone interviews. This was achieved by a variety of training techniques including videotaped mock interviews accompanied by timely feedback and extensive discussion and analysis of all aspects of delivery. Particularly noteworthy is Springboard’s willingness to tailor its training to my specific needs. Because many of my initial job interviews were by telephone, Springboards has designed a set of training session custom-tailored to reflect telephone interview setting and questions that are specific to my field. As a result, my ability to deliver a clear and persuasive message during telephone interviews has improved significantly. I enthusiastically recommend Springboards to any professional in need to perfect communication skills during his or her career transition and beyond."

Financial Litigation Consultant

"Thanks to your help, my colleagues noticed substantial improvement in my communication skills and gave me high praises in my recent midyear review. Analysts appreciate how I lead the case meetings based on the extremely simple but effective tips you’ve taught me. Thank you again for your guidance!"

Healthcare Consulting


See what Springboards is doing to help international students gain interviews and internships with career readiness skills. Workshop participants report…

“I’m grateful to have started with Springboards coaching BEFORE starting with my new career--not the other way around. I’ve been able to avoid costly mistakes I would have undoubtedly made in the future. Now I’m more equipped, ready, and confident to enter the US corporate workplace. Thank you, Springboards!”

Khoi Cong Nguyen
Graduate Assistant, MBA Program-College of Management
University of Massachusetts Boston

“After taking your "effective networking workshop", I’ve improved my business skills significantly AND achieved a competitive internship at the UN Headquarters in New York. I’m much more comfortable going beyond my own expectations...Thanks for your help."

Igor Gomes
Marketing and Communications Program
Recent Graduate, Emerson College, Boston

“Thank you so much for your workshop. I got so much out of your presentation and I'm really looking forward to practicing at the internship fair next Wednesday."

Tia Marie Kemp
Marketing and Communications Program
Recent Graduate, Emerson College, Boston

“…the presentation was especially helpful. I'm glad that you gave us the opportunity to learn more on effective networking.”

Mianda Hakim
Marketing and Communications Program
Recent Graduate, Emerson College, Boston