Springboards Consulting

Eileen Harrington

Executive and Business Writing Coach

A marketing and communications expert with more than 30 years of experience, Eileen Harrington has developed and implemented successful initiatives for leading organizations including Analysis Group, McKinsey & Company, Hill Holiday, and Fidelity Investments. Her career includes developing marketing strategy, business development programs, client and corporate communications, writing and editing, and social media. She has provided individual training and support in written communications and networking to numerous senior staff, including many non-native speakers of English, at professional services firms. She also has extensive experience as an editor of business content on topics such as corporate strategy and leadership, economics and finance, health care, and marketing.

In addition to her career in marketing and communications, she has for 11 years taught English as a Second Language, to students ranging from entry-level learners requiring basic instruction to post- doctoral students eager to master idiomatic expression and pronunciation. She also formerly taught college-level composition and tutored college freshmen.

She currently consults to professional services firms on marketing strategy, value proposition, and editorial projects.