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About us

Springboards Consulting is a strategic learning and development partner to organizations with multicultural and executive communications needs. Our global team of cross cultural, executive communications, and leadership coaches is dedicated to the advancement and growth of individual leaders and their teams. We bring faster career wins to our coaching clients through the 7-Step Approach™ and dedicated personalized coaching, fostering clear growth in leadership and communications skills in a global and American business context. We offer a robust selection of career development and leadership coaching programs and workshops for individuals at all stages of the career spectrum, from newly onboarded junior members to the C-suite. Through the training, we enable our clients to:


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At Springboards we know that finding the right coach for cross cultural and executive communications development goals can be very difficult. We offer complementary consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your investment parameters.

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  • Rapidly achieve career advancement goals

  • Communicate with confidence

  • Strengthen credibility with peers and clients

  • Remove cross cultural and language barriers to promotion

  • Successfully execute their career plans

  • Take on key speaking and writing engagements

  • Network more comfortably internally and externally

  • Develop critical self awareness skills around personal
    presentation and interpersonal communication

Once a multicultural development opportunity has been identified, the employer should provide the tools to take advantage of that opportunity as quickly as possible.
— Nadia Nassif, Founder and CEO of Springboards


Executive Team


Founder & CEO

Nadia Nassif

Nadia is the Founder and CEO of Springboards. She is a passionate leader in the cross cultural communication and coaching space with a singular obsession to see EVERY employee Springboards coaches advance professionally in under a year from program completion.

Nadia has been consulting to business organizations for over 15 years, enabling them to better address employee retention and engagement goals through strategically positioning multicultural and executive communications programs. She has led an extensive career in business communications and cross cultural coaching to international and multicultural work forces, having partnered with Fortune 100 & 500, Top Places to Work, healthcare and pharma, and elite consulting organizations.

Nadia is a Boston native and lives in Quincy, MA with her husband and daughter. She is an avid runner, loves traveling to cold places, and has a passion for the outdoors, most recently the Wollaston Beach and Squantum coastline areas.

Personal Values and Vision Statement

It is my personal vision as CEO to operate Springboards to the glory of God – to treat others as I would want to be treated; to operate with integrity, honesty, and excellence; and to keep relationships at the center of all our partnering work. These principles are fundamental to my Christian faith and the fabric of Springboards; they should result in appreciation, respect, and gratitude for our vendors, coaches, and clients and their business. It is a privilege to be of service!



operations manager

Rani Chan

Rani has over a decade of corporate experience in various roles and operational capacities, including marketing, analysis, operations, administration, and project management. Having firsthand experience in various multicultural environments and industries, Rani is a versatile professional with strong interpersonal skills and effective collaboration. She is a continual learner, enthusiastically embracing new initiatives in order to contribute towards the goals and growth of the business and those around her. Rani lives on the South Shore in Massachusetts with her family and enjoys exploring new places and trying new foods.   

Personal Values and Vision Statement

As a Christian, I want to work wholeheartedly for the Lord. This drives me to serve God and others with excellence, integrity, and care. It is my desire to support, encourage, and build up others so that they may flourish.  



business development associate

Laura Killough

Laura has over 20 years of experience in Sales Development across a wide variety of industries including HR Consulting, Medical Device and Telecommunications. She has a history of successfully connecting with people and connecting those people with services that fit and serve their organizations and needs.

Personal Values and Vision Statement

As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I try to live my life at both work and home as a life of gratitude and awe, treating others with respect and patience, honesty and integrity, so as to reflect the character of Jesus through me.



board advisor

Kevin Bruce

Kevin Bruce is an active advisor to Springboards, bringing more than 30 years of highly successful experience in helping to lead public and private organizations to breakthrough market growth and operational success, including leading more than 40 M&A transactions.



board advisor

Charles Field

Charles Fields, an author, consultant, coach, and trainer for over 30 years, brings experience in encouraging people to change the way they think to create new possibilities and to change the way they talk to build trusting relationships.


Our Coaches have over 150 years of combined experience.