Springboards Consulting

Pamela Prather

Executive Communications and Speech Coach

Pamela Prather is an executive communications and speech coach who has been exploring the transformational power of voice for more than 20 years as a coach, actor, radio-announcer, and instructor of voice, speech, dialects and presentational skills.

Pamela has worked extensively with C-suite and executive clients including AT&T, The Carlyle Group, Barclays Capital, Bear Sterns, CARE.com, HonestTea, Wood Creek Capital, 3M, Information Builder, Cornerstone and Analysis Group to help them with vocal and high stakes presentational skills. She has also taught at numerous institutions over her career, including Yale, NYU, Marymount Manhattan College, School for Film and Television, Academy for Music and Dramatic Art, UCLA, and most recently SUNY, where she is an Assistant Professor of Theater, Voice and Speech.